We have many opponents. Whether you support militias, patriots, free speech, gun-rights, or even if you support the constitution, you have opponents. Our opponent will do anything to keep us quiet, from comical press releases to the out right MURDERING of entire groups. We all know of times when the real "Radicals" stepped in and shut down, framed, harrassed, or even killed members of groups, and then claimed a "Great Victory" after doing so.

Its time to put all the "assaults" on our freedoms to an end. Look at some of our opponents websites and see for yourself what they stand for. Read everything, not just the "Headlines". The "Story" will speak for itself. If you dont agree with thier views, let them know. After reading thier opinions, views, speeches, or whatever they call them, form your own opinion and do what your heart says and not what everybody else wants you to do. Lets put America back on track.

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