This is the MILITIAS OF AMERICA Rules! You will be able to add your site to the MILITIAS OF AMERICA sites right here! To become a member of this ring, you must have a web page which is obviously a Militia page, or a web site that has some Militia information or links on it. This is a Militia ring, so NON-MILITIA sites will not be accepted. I have been receiving an increased number of site submissions from people who have sites that are not obviously Militia related, and then the people complain when I do not accept them to the ring. I have become fussier regarding what sites I accept now, so please, make sure you site is Militia related when you sign up to join the ring.

The MILITIAS OF AMERICA is intended to link web sites which have as their primary content, issues of importance to people who are Militia minded, and who enjoy voicing their opinion and publishing it on their web sites. If you have a question on whether your site is appropriate, just e-mail me! I will be happy to check it out.

What your page can not include: Each site is evaluated on an individual basis, but there are a few things that will not be accepted on the ring.

Sites advocating violence.

Sites promoting racism.

Sites containing pornography or "adult" material.

Sites which register a page of nothing but web rings. This might entertain the author, but certainly not the visitor.

Violent/racist sites posing as valid militia sites.

In most cases this ring will support lawful citizen militia groups but this excludes any militia group or individual that promotes racist or illegal activity. However, each site is reviewed on an individual basis. If you want an idea of what types of sites are presently on the ring, take a look at the complete list of sites on the MILITIAS OF AMERICA webring.

IMPORTANT: please place your web ring graphic and links on the URL you register! For example, if you register please do not place the web ring graphic and links on The reason for this is very simple: users of the MILITIAS OF AMERICA Sites should be able to travel smoothly from one Ring site to the next. Sites that come after a page that has their Ring links on a separate page don't receive as much Ring activity as they are entitled to, and it isn't fair to them. I have had some people move the ring code AFTER they have been admitted to the ring, and then get annoyed when I ask them to place the code back on the page they registered for the ring. If you want to hide the ring code on a web ring page, then this is NOT the ring for you. The reason the ring has become so large is due to the fact that I am fussy about ring placement.

To add your site to the Militias of America webring, please completely fill out the form that is titled JOIN MILITIAS OF AMERICA at the bottom of this page. Submitting your page to the queue does not make you part of the ring! After submitting your page to the queue, you will receive an e-mail with instructions. Once approved you will recieve webring code to insert on your web page. If you ever have any problems with the code, please e-mail me and I will help you with your code. The code is very simple - all you have to do is copy and paste the code. Your site cannot be added to the ring until the web ring code is on your page! I will not add sites without ring code. Let me repeat - I CAN NOT ADD YOUR SITE UNTIL YOU PLACE THE RING CODE ON THE PAGE YOU REGISTERED FOR THE WEB RING. In addition, if I find that a site has removed the ring code after joining the ring, I will remove them from the ring. I have had people sign up and then sit in the queue for months. From now on, please do not submit your site to the queue unless you are able to place the web ring code on your page within 72 hours. After 72 hours, I will delete the site from the queue and you will have to re-register. I am making this bold because a majority of the people refuse to follow this rule. After your code is placed on your web page, you may e-mail me to let me know that your site is ready to be added to the ring. I will look at your site, and, assuming your site meets the criteria for the ring, I will officially add you to the ring! I will also notify you once your site is "officially" on the ring. The code will create a webring graphic and navigational bar that looks like this: [Next Site] [Skip 1 Site] [Next 5 Sites] [Previous] [Random] [JOIN!] Remember, if you have any questions, please e-mail me.

Special thanks! I would like to extend a special thank-you to my ring helpers! Without them and their help, my job would be all the more difficult!

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